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Long story short - True Artist® Brand began because I felt Artists should feel proud of what they offer to the world. Through fashion & accessories, it serves as a stylish reminder that your creative energy is a super power.


[Circa 2010 - 11] I was a self-employed, performing artist & freelance designer. While on tour for a show, I was also beginning preparations to trademark my "baby" True Artist Brand.


By 2012, the trademark registration was complete. As I was telling my friends about it, I also started getting early customers before I was 'ready'! Then I VERY  nervously hosted my 1st event that September.

It was well received.

I am extremely grateful to all who have been supportive  - even while I 'explored' a passion project with venue & event hosting [aka Upper Underground - #iykyk].

It was never over, but I am so ready to see how it grows!


My love for you is true.

~ Rhi.

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Videos: The Digibees [Jirard & Pockett]

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